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      A Guide to Selecting Steel Beams in the Philippines

      May 22, 2024 | Linton Incorporated

      A Guide to Selecting Steel Beams in the Philippines


      • This guide explores the essential role of steel beams in construction, detailing their types, properties, and applications within various structures like commercial buildings, bridges, and more.
      • Linton Incorporated stands as a premier supplier in the Philippines, praised for its dedication to quality, precision engineering, and customer satisfaction.
      • By providing a deep dive into the capabilities of H-beams, I-beams, T-beams, and Built-up beams, the article solidifies Linton’s position as a backbone in cutting-edge construction projects with its reliable, high-quality steel solutions.

      Steel beams are crafted from iron and carbon, and have been used in various construction projects. Their inherent strength, toughness, and versatility make them an indispensable material for buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.

      This guide to selecting steel beams in the Philippines highlights their different types, properties, and ideal applications. You’ll also discover why Linton Incorporated is a trusted supplier known for high-quality steel and exceptional service.

      What are Steel Beams?

      Steel beams are crucial structural elements in construction. They are designed to support and distribute loads along their length. Made from durable steel, these beams handle both vertical (gravity-driven) and horizontal (from wind or earthquakes) forces.

      They function by bending under load, efficiently transferring this load to supports like columns or walls, which then manage the stress across the structure. This ensures the building’s stability and safety, particularly in environments with seismic activity.

      Why is Linton a Trusted Supplier of Steel Beams?

      Why is Linton a Trusted Supplier of Steel Beams?

      Linton Incorporated is trusted as a leading supplier of steel beams in the Philippines due to our long-standing 70-year legacy of excellence. Our steadfast commitment to quality and precision engineering ensures our beams meet the highest standards, crucial for structural integrity in construction projects.

      Additionally, our focus on customer satisfaction has built strong, reliable relationships with clients, solidifying our reputation as a dependable partner in the construction industry.

      Applications of Steel Beams

      Steel beams are integral to various structural applications due to their high strength and durability. Here are some of their applications:

      Commercial Buildings

      Steel beams are used in commercial buildings due to their strength and versatility. They provide the necessary support for large spans and heavy loads in offices, malls, and hotels. They also enable flexible, open-space designs due to their ability to bear load across wider spans without intermediate columns.


      In bridge construction, these beams can withstand heavy loads from vehicle traffic and static loads from the bridge structure itself. They are preferred for their durability and resilience against environmental stressors, such as wind and water. Beams used in bridges often take the form of I-beams to distribute loads and reduce the bridge’s susceptibility to bending and twisting.

      Cargo Ships

      Steel beams form the skeletal framework of cargo ships, providing structural integrity and resilience against the harsh marine environment. They reinforce the ship’s hull, supporting the heavy loads of cargo. Additionally, they help maintain the vessel’s shape and strength, ensuring it can withstand the substantial stress of heavy loads and rough seas.


      These metal beams are utilized in constructing skyscrapers. They help develop tall structures while minimizing the building’s overall weight. They facilitate the construction of high-rise buildings capable of enduring significant wind forces and seismic activity.

      Kinds of Steel Beams Carried by Linton Incorporated

      Kinds of Steel Beams Carried by Linton Incorporated

      Linton’s diverse range of steel beams is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of modern construction projects. This guarantees optimal performance and structural integrity.


      H-beams, also known as wide-flange beams, have an H-shaped cross-section. Their design optimally distributes material across the horizontal axes, enhancing load-bearing capacity and bending resistance. This makes them suitable for a variety of substantial construction projects.


      I-beams or universal beams, characterized by their I-shaped cross-section, are prevalent in construction due to their efficiency in carrying shear and bending loads. The shape provides a strong, sturdy base that is commonly used in both residential and commercial building structures.


      T-beams feature a T-shaped cross-section, which provides an efficient distribution of forces necessary for concrete reinforcement. The top flange acts to distribute compressive forces, making these beams ideal for floors and bridges.

      Built-up Beams

      Built-up beams are constructed by assembling multiple steel plates or sections to form a single, more composite unit. This layered construction enhances the structural soundness, allowing these beams to support heavier loads and span longer distances than other beams, crucial for major engineering projects.

      Key Takeaway

      This guide to selecting steel beams in the Philippines has equipped you with the knowledge to navigate the diverse options available and make informed decisions for your construction project.

      By partnering with Linton Incorporated, you’re not just choosing a steel supplier; you’re gaining a trusted partner committed to your project’s success. Contact us today to discuss your specific steel beam needs and discover the difference that reliable expertise and high-quality steel can make.