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      Shipping Nationwide

      A Trusted Structural Steel Supplier in the Philippines

      Behind the impressive exteriors of the malls and high-rise buildings in the Philippines lies the backbone of construction projects worldwide – structural steel. This material is specifically designed to provide the strength and durability necessary for supporting heavy loads and ensuring structural integrity.

      For a country with a rich history of nation-building, the choice of a reliable structural steel supplier in the Philippines is crucial for ensuring the success and longevity of various projects. In this context, Linton Incorporated emerges as a key player, bringing over 60 years of expertise to the forefront.

      What You Need to Know About Structural Steel

      Structural steel is a metal specifically engineered for use in construction materials. Its primary purpose is to provide the necessary strength and support in building construction, distinguishing itself from other steel grades designed for tools and appliances. Defined as a type of carbon steel, structural steel contains a composition of both iron and carbon.

      The choice of steel grades in construction involves various considerations. Low-carbon steel, often termed "mild steel," is prevalent in building materials. Meanwhile, mid to high-carbon steels find applications in mechanical engineering and toolmaking.

      Linton, a leading structural steel supplier in the Philippines, emphasizes the significance of common steel grades such as A36 and A50 for their exceptional strength and versatility, ease of machining, welding, and forming.

      What You Need to Know About Structural Steel

      Common Structural Steel Applications for Industrial Projects

      Structural steel's versatility and strength make it a go-to choice for different applications that shape the modern landscape. Its adaptability and load-bearing capacity ensure structural integrity and provide builders with the creative freedom to design innovative and sustainable structures.

      Structural Steel Applications in Shopping Malls

      Shopping Malls

      Shopping malls owe their strength to structural steel. It provides the framework supporting open spaces, mezzanines, and intricate designs in these modern complexes. The material's ability to cover long distances without sacrificing strength makes it perfect for constructing large, column-free retail areas.

      Structural Steel Applications in Office Buildings

      Office Buildings

      Urban skylines are filled with towering office buildings relying on the best structural steel supplier in the Philippines for materials that give strength, stability, and flexibility. It allows for long spans and open floor plans, giving architects the freedom to design dynamic workspaces.

      Structural Steel Applications for Bridges


      Bridges play a vital role in linking rivers, valleys, and roads. These structures also make sure of structural steel for its strength and load-carrying capability. Its capacity to endure substantial loads and adverse conditions ensures the safety and efficiency of passage, be it a city pedestrian bridge or a large highway overpass.

      Factors in Choosing Structural Steel for Your Construction and Industrial Projects

      Picking the right materials from a reliable structural steel supplier in the Philippines involves careful consideration of factors beyond simple material selection.

      Strength and Durability

      Structural steel stands out for its exceptional strength and durability, making it a top choice for robust buildings. Unlike regular construction materials, it's designed to handle heavy loads, ensuring resilience and stability.

      Its natural robustness means it can withstand significant pressures without compromising its structural integrity.

      Weldability and Formability

      Weldability and formability are essential features that contribute to the adaptability of structural steel in construction projects. The weldability allows for the seamless joining of components, facilitating the creation of complex and robust structures.

      On the other hand, the formability of structural steel allows architects and engineers to explore innovative designs, providing flexibility and versatility.

      Fire Resistance

      In contrast to some traditional building materials, structural steel, provided by a reliable structural steel supplier in the Philippines, is inherently fire-resistant. This property is a result of its composition and the protective oxide layer that forms when heated.

      Structural steel retains its strength even at high temperatures, offering a crucial advantage in case of a fire.

      Types of Structural Steel Offered by Linton

      The choice of structural steel is as diverse as the projects it supports. Linton, a leader in the steel industry for over 60 years, stands as a beacon of excellence, offering an extensive array of structural steel products.

      Sheet and Coil Products

      When steel is beaten and flattened into thin layers, it transforms into metal steel sheets. Moving to steel coils, are thin sheets of steel rolled into elongated, cylindrical forms. Distinguished by the production process, steel coils exist in two primary forms: hot-rolled and cold-rolled. As a reputable structural steel supplier in the Philippines, Linton offers sheet, piles, and coil products catering to diverse project requirements.

      Plate Products

      Steel plates are an extension of steel sheets crafted to be cut and welded into sophisticated structures. The manufacturing process involves compressing multiple layers of steel, resulting in a singular, robust steel plate. These materials help reinforce structures and bear substantial loads, such as those experienced by bridges.

      Structural Steel Beams

      A steel beam is a foundational structural element designed to resist loads applied along its axis. Its method of opposition lies in its capacity to bear loads by twisting. Structural steel, a strong and flexible material, is commonly used for building frames in structures like steel-framed buildings and other industries such as engineering and manufacturing.

      Pipe Products

      Characterized by a hollow, round cross-section, steel pipes from a reliable structural steel supplier in the Philippines find diverse applications, from underground water and gas transportation in urban areas to protecting electrical wires in construction projects. B.I. Seamless Pipes, a type of steel pipe, are commonly used for the transportation of natural gas into both residential homes and commercial buildings.

      Specialized Services

      From precise installations to customized fabrications, we excel in bringing your structural visions to life. These services ensure tailored solutions for precise project needs. It guarantees structural integrity, custom designs, and efficient implementation, providing clients with a comprehensive and reliable construction experience.

      Structural Steel Reinforcing Bars in Construction

      Why Choose Linton as Your Structural Steel Supplier in the Philippines

      Choosing the appropriate supplier for structural steel is a crucial choice that can influence the outcome of your projects. Here at Linton Incorporated, we distinguish ourselves as a symbol of excellence, bringing more than six decades of experience and a dedication to unmatched quality.

      Quality Assurance

      Quality Assurance

      Linton's dedication as a structural steel supplier in the Philippines revolves around ensuring consistent quality. Stringent quality control procedures are integrated throughout their entire operations, ensuring that every stage, from raw material sourcing to the final product, surpasses industry standards for structural steel.

      Efficient Delivery Services

      Efficient Delivery Services

      Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and we understand this crucial factor. By optimizing logistics and employing a strategic approach, we ensure that your structural steel is delivered promptly, allowing your projects to progress seamlessly without unnecessary delays.

      Customer-Centric Approach

      Customer-Centric Approach

      Our success here at Lincton Inc. is built on our meaningful relationships with clients. The institution takes the time to understand the unique needs of each client, ensuring personalized service and satisfaction. This client-centric philosophy has proven to be a cornerstone of Linton's success over the decades, making us the leading structural steel supplier in the Philippines.

      Expert Consultation for Cost Efficiency

      Expert Consultation for Cost Efficiency

      In a field where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential, we go beyond being a supplier; we become a valuable consultant. By understanding your specific requirements, our expert team ensures that you receive not just quality products but also cost-efficient solutions tailored to your project needs.

      Comprehensive Product Range

      Comprehensive Product Range

      As a distributor, importer, and structural steel supplier in the Philippines, here at Linton Inc., we boast a comprehensive product range. From sheet and coil products to plate products, beam and bar products, pipe products, profile and bar products, and specialized items, we have you covered with high-quality steel products.

      Industry Expertise

      Industry Expertise

      With a legacy dating back to 1954, Linton has evolved to meet the changing demands of the construction landscape. This experience positions us as a trusted structural steel supplier in the Philippines, capable of providing not just products but valuable insights and solutions.

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