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      Shipping Nationwide

      Shipping Nationwide

      Trusted Steel Solutions for 70 Years

      LINTON INCORPORATED has been proudly building nations for 7 decades. As your go-to national importer, distributor, and retailer of top-quality steel products, we specialize in providing dynamic solutions, focusing on structural steel that breathes life into various industrial projects.

      Pioneering Progress with the Future of Nationwide Steel Services

      We go beyond mere import and distribution of steel products across the country. We invest in diverse machinery and equipment to enhance our services, ensuring speed and efficiency for our clients.




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      We are committed to delivering excellence in every steel variant, ensuring that your projects stand the test of time.

      Metal Sheet Piles

      Engineered for resilience and crafted with precision, our metal sheet piles set the standard for…

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      Steel Sheets and Coils

      Crafted with finesse and engineered for excellence, Steel Sheets and Coils redefine the standards of…

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      Steel Plates

      From foundational constructions to marine marvels and industrial powerhouses, our Steel Plates offer the backbone…

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      Steel Bars

      Forged with durability in mind, our steel bars stand as the epitome of strength and…

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      Steel Pipes

      From supporting the foundations of towering structures to facilitating the seamless flow of fluids in…

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      Steel Beams

      Made for excellence, our steel beams are hot and cold rolled to perfection, ensuring they…

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      Linton's Four-Fold Expertise

      As importers, wholesalers, retailers, and fabricators, our commitment to global connectivity, efficient distribution, customer satisfaction, and value-added customization positions us as a trusted player in the steel industry.

      • Importer

        Since 1954, our strategic partnerships have empowered us to bring a diverse range of high-quality steel products.

      • Wholesaler

        Our extensive network streamlines the distribution process, allowing manufacturers to focus on production while we handle the logistics.

      • Retailer

        Our retail operations are committed to customer satisfaction, offering tailored solutions and competitive pricing.

      • Fabricator

        At Linton, we invest in state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship to transform raw steel into customized solutions.

      Our Services

      Steel Coil Slitting

      Steel Coil Slitting

      Coil slitting cuts a master coil into smaller, customized mults using rotary knives, meeting specific width and weight criteria before packaging.

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      Plate Shearing

      Plate Shearing

      Plate metal shearing is a cost-effective method for swiftly cutting sheet metal, favored by manufacturers for its simplicity and efficiency.

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      Flat Bar Cutting

      Flat Bar Cutting

      Flat bars are created through the cutting or bending of steel plates, a process that involves shaping the plates through either hot or cold rolling.

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      Beams Fabrication

      Beams Fabrication

      Steel beam fabrication demands meticulous work, balancing quality and cost. Skilled welding teams ensure safety and profitability.

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      Build Up Beams

      Build Up Beams

      Beams have flanges resisting buckling and a web resisting shear stress, formed by connecting two horizontal plates.

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      Shot Blasting

      Shot Blasting

      Shot blasting, distinct from sand blasting, employs a centrifugal blast wheel propelling steel shot to swiftly clean concrete, metal, and surfaces.

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      Disclaimer: The services mentioned are provided by Linton's sister company. While every effort is made to deliver exceptional steel distribution, fabrication, and installation, outcomes may vary based on project specifications. Clients are advised to consult with our sister company's experts for tailored advice and discuss specific requirements to ensure optimal results.


      Explore a showcase of diverse projects where we have delivered clients with consistently reliable products and services.

      Why Choose Linton Incorporated?

      At Linton, we prioritize precision, reliability, and affordability, guaranteeing exceptional quality, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions for your business needs.

      • Quality


        Our products go through a stringent quality control process because we know a good foundation makes the best structures.

      • Delivery


        We are committed to providing efficient, prompt, and reliable service to our clients. We work our logistics according to your needs, so we can get your goods to you as quickly as possible, in the best condition.

      • Price


        Our sales engineering team is on-hand to provide top-notch consultation to determine your specific requirements and eliminate unnecessary costs, thus giving you more value for money.

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